Creepers triples noires

♡ Happy Easter everyone ♡
I hope that the easter bunny bought you loads of pretty present (and chocolate too!)
For me it’s the Urban Outfitters bunny who spoiled Patrick and I !
A very cute distinguished mug.. I don’t drink much coffee but Tea Slut works too right ?
A nice t-shirt with the same colors as Patrick’s Asics, what a handsome man One Mesh is !
And to finish this gorgeous triple sole Creepers, I almost died when I opened the box.
They are huge but so comfy, with a little dress I feel like I’m Baby Spice.
By the way, a lot of you asked me where you can buy Creepers, well you have the answer : at Urban Outfitters !
A little picture of Astrid and I before Merkure’s Magazine first issue launch party.
Yes we were suggesting vodka to Furby, who politely refused.
More pictures have been taken at the party, I will post them when I receive them !
Do you remember Wowch and his fabulous leggings ? Well there is now new designs !
I couldn’t help myself for the one with the Pugs, that I like to call PUGS NOT DRUGS (yes I’m very funny)
Well on this Easter monday, I offer your to win this lovely leggings * !
As usual it’s easy, you just have to leave me a little comment with :
– Your Name + Mail (only one participation by person)
I will pick a winner on wednesday !
* the contest is over *
the winner is Alexandra !
– the leggings size is M/L

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