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My lovely denim shirt that I customized in a Dip Dye way !
Do you like it? Do you wanna do the same thing to your clothes? It’s easy !
You only need a bowl, 1L of bleach and 1L of crystal vinegar.
Pour the bleach in the bowl with 2L of water then leave your item for 30min.
Once the 30min are over, wring your clothe and soak your item in 1L of water with 0,5L of vinegar for 10min.
To finish you just have to wash your item and voila !
♡ Ludivine and her lovely Locher’s necklace ♡
If you like these necklaces know that the new collection is out
and with the code HEYDICKFACE you’ll get 20% of discount until the end of the month !
Asos press day for the A/W’12 collection in one word : PERFECT

Eleven press day, a collection that I also really liked.
I even got a goodie bag ! (And yes Furby photobomb my pictures)

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