baby lips electro
baby lips electro

Last week I was invited to the Baby Lips party to discover the new Electro collection, new colors and scents. Here is a little recap !

There are six tubes :
Fierce n’Tangy which smells lemon,
Pink Shock is the watermelon,
Oh! Orange (Guess which fruit!),
Berry Bomb like a fruit cocktail,
Strike a Rose the peach one and the last one Minty Sheer smells like peppermint.

Like the last range they’ll hit french retailers during September 2014 and still for the small price of 3,90€ !
The green and purple one will only be available at Monoprix !

A cosy terrace and sweet things for a lovely moment.

baby lips electro
baby lips electro

baby lips electro
baby lips electro

Un eye-liner arc-en-ciel fluo pour être dans le thème de la soirée mais surtout pour le photocall !

baby lips electro
baby lips electro
baby lips electro

Coucou Astrid !

baby lips electro

baby lips electro

Coucou Elsa !

baby lips electro

While waiting for their release, here is a little contest for three of you to win all 4 of the first Baby Lips !

It’s really easy : leave a comment telling me which is yout favorite one
with your surname, name and email ! I will pick the winners on tuesday night.

Good luck !


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2 thoughts on “Baby got back

  • georgina marsden

    My favourite is the Berry Bomb because I love the colour purple so much! 🙂

  • Jamie

    My favourite is definitely Pink Shock. I just love the bold colour and the fact that it smells like watermelon makes it even more awesome!

    Jamie Smulders (

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