Chemise cropped tartan

A few pictures by Bee Kim Guilbert, with Cynthia over a Starbucks.
Do you know the « secret » recipe for a cotton candy frappuccino ? Here’s what to order :
A vanilla frappucino with 1 pump of raspberry sirup (1,5 for a grande and 2 for a venti) and here you go !

cotton candy starbucks
pink starbucks pink cigarette
tartan shirt wall of leaves
cat ring chain rings heart ring
paris tartan shirt blonde friends
bee kim guilbert hey dickface tartan shirt
katia giorgino hey dickface portrait
tartan shirt h&m coat
look cropped tartan shirt black jean
ginger blonde curly hair tartan shirts
blonde curls details
tartan shirts middle finger
look tartan cropped shirt
jeffrey campbell coltrane

Urban Outfitters shirt, American Apparel easy jean, Urban Outfitters cat ring, Lime Crime on the lips and Jeffrey Campbell boots.

Cynthia : H&M coat and dress ; Bee : vintage jacket and shirt.


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