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You’re hyper-connected, always on your social networks (ah Instagram ♡) and your battery is always dead ?
If yes, then you’re like me and you’ll be interested in this post : the test and review of the beam from Xoopar.

beam xoopar charger portable
beam xoopar charger portable

What’s a beam ? It’s a little white pebble who’s actually an emergency battery working with all the smartphones.
I found this little treasure at the Le Souk Parisien boutique just before my trip to London, perfect timing !

It’s very easy to use, no button you just have to « slide » it up to turn it on.
The colors of its eyes/cheeks tells you if it’s empty or full and ready to charge your phone completely.
It comes along with a « spider » (the swiss army knife of the adaptor as they say!) with all different cables for phones,
so it’s really useful when your friend doesn’t have a beam too !

beam xoopar charger portable
beam xoopar charger portable

So I took it with me to London and I must admit it’s really useful when in the train there’s no plug for example, or simply during the day when you can’t stop at a coffee, you just have to turn it on and to leave it in your bag so it charges peacefully.
I did it during my Shoreditch walk, a little beam use during the afternoon when my battery was low and I was able to use my phone until the night !
It’s little format and weight (60g) allows you to put it in every handbags, small or bigs, I can only recommend it

beam xoopar charger portable

It exist in two version : classic (like the one I have) or with a mustache and glasses, so cute.

And today Le Souk Parisien and I are giving away the one of your choice !

To participate there’s nothing easier :
– Like my Facebook page along with Le Souk Parisien‘s one.
– Leave a comment under this post telling me why your battery is always dead ?
Too much Instagram like me ? You tweet too much ? Taking too much selfies per minute ?
– Don’t forget to leave your Name, First Name and E-Mail so I can contact you if you win !

I will draw a winner on thursday, so hurry up and good luck ! 🙂

**The winner is Melissa J.**

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4 thoughts on “Pringles cans should have a twist mechanism like stick deodorant.

  • I’ve always got a dead battery because I’ve got a deadbeat Blackberry phone!! Checking Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds always drains my battery :'(

  • My battery is always dead because I take too many photos on it, and I’m always editing them and uploading them to Instagram. Along with checking Twitter etc. it drains my battery.

  • My battery is always dead because of my social network and photo obsession. I’m always taking tons of photos and editing them, then uploading them to Instagram or Twitter etc.

    Emma –

    (Sorry I forgot to leave my name etc in the last comment).

  • Both are already liked!! 😉

    My battery is always dead because of:
    Robot unicorn attack 2 (ps. Team Rainbow for life!!!)


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