My new Jonak boots : I love them so much !
I saw them at first on Valentine’s blog, it was love at first sight with the pointy look and the golden touch but I was still a bit hesitating. Then I spent the day with her in Disneyland and I couldn’t resist, I had to have them… and voila they are on my feet. #Happy

For the first ouftit wearing them : a simple black outfit with my favorite Topshop jeans that I can’t stop wearing (I had to buy another one to wear it more often) and the little Neon Rose top that I showed you in my latest Haul, without forgetting the big fur coat !

neon rose

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1 thought on “I don’t get older. I level up.

  • LG

    Aw sweetie, I shouldn’t have asked. I didn’t know you’d take it so hard. Please don’t take my dumb comments to heart. And please, NO MORE ROOFS! I couldn’t bear to see the result if you slipped.

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