noeud cheveux lady gaga

I always wanted to do a big bow with my hair just like Lady Gaga, unfortunately I always had short hair, yes even though the tutorial is really easy you need to have your hair long enough.

Here’s my mini tutorial, it’s so easy that I recorded it with hyperlapse on my iPhone 🙂

At the beginning I put some dry shampoo because if you want the hairdo to hold it’s better with dirty hair, when it’s clean it slips.
Then it’s really simple, a ponytail that you separate in two to close it after with your hair and make a bow!
I know it’s not really obvious when I write it but watch the video it’s better 🙂

As you can see I took all my hair to make the bow but of course you can do it only half, or just a little one…

noeud cheveux lady gaga

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noeud cheveux lady gaga
noeud cheveux lady gaga

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