Mini road trip to Le Touquet with my Raphaëlle thanks to Citroën who loaned us a C3 for a few days !
It was nice to have a car again, this one is so cute, and I love the CarPlay option that allow us to plug the iphone and use maps, music, sending text etc. 🚗 ❤️

Once we got there, we went to the beach, shot a few pictures with my unicorn float, Nanami spent her time to dig in the sand ahah, then a little walk in the city and of course an ice cream stop… I also tried to make a mini Vlog, I hope you’ll like the pictures and the video as usual

For these pictures at the beach I was wearing a Lazy Oaf swimsuit, some Boohoo shoes and ZeroUV sunglasses ! My unicorn float is from L’Avant Gardiste !

le touquet paris plage

lazy oaf
lazy oaf
lazy oaf
lazy oaf

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