shiba inu

Yooooo !

We meet again for a new post, more precisely a photoshoot, the first of 3 !
With my beloved guest my Nanami who’s modeling for Chien Chien : a dog accessories brand, 100% made in france, high end pieces in limited edition. We chose the silver collar & leash, and let me tell you we’re fabulous on our walks ✨

It’s the talented JuChoquer who shot the pictures, (can we talk about the silver background ?!) and Camille Ghilozzi for the makeup.
She made some freckles as you can see, it’s so beautiful ! What do you think ?

I hope you’ll like this first pictures series, can’t wait to share the rest ♡

shiba inu
shiba inu air max liquid silver
chien chien shiba inu
shiba inu hype
chien-chien shiba inu
air max liquid silver

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