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If you follow me online, you might have seen that last weekend, Patrick and I were in Berlin invited by SparheldReduc.fr, you probably already know that great website that regroups all the reductions codes to shop online :money: !

So I made a Vlog of these 3 days, you can find all the addresses of the place in my City Guide right here :flower: (the other cities are in the menu 👆🏻)

The first day we visited Sparheld / Reduc.fr HQ, a little conference and a shopping competition !
Indeed, as you can see at the beginning of the video when we were going to the Mall Of Berlin, we were divided by teams and had to create an outfit that can work and nights ! Guess who’s team won ? 😎 :devil: :angel: :flirt:
For the second day, we visited a bunker that became an art gallery and did a bit of shopping (of course!) and on the last day we went to the Wall of Berlin along with others historical monuments, but I won’t say more and let you watch everything in the video :video: :heart: :100:

I hope you’ll like this Vlog, do not hesitated to leave your opinion in the comments ! :blingheart:

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