Bottes cirées à clous Jeffrey Campbell
Remember this post where I talked you about the Andrea Crews customization on the Uniqlo sweaters.
Well here’s mine so soft, pastel blue with deers.
heart-shaped patch in front on the heart !
An embroidery on the neck, matching my hair..
With my previous post, there’s no need to point out that I like tapestry right 😉
 Lollipops shoes and bag ♡

Stay cute with the Tokyo Hardcore pretty things, perfect to stay under the blanket with the cats !

♪♫♪Stop calling, stop calling I don’t wanna think anymore .. ♪♬♪
My cute Coco Fennell dress, english designer of the same name for a super fun brand !
« I want to work with the female body, not against it, and make clothes for boobs, hips, bums and waists »
Is the motto and I couldn’t agree more !
As tonight is Christmas eve dinner I wish you a merry Christmas !
I’ll try to do fast a little post about it 🙂
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