Cheveux roses et robe fleurie
If you’re reading this post it means that the end of the world didn’t happened… that was close !
Therefore I am glad that you’re still here and that you’re still reading me, thank you
My hair faded, they are a little less pink and more peachy… not bad right ?
At the end I think it goes well with my tapestry dress from Asos ! Thanks to the shower !
I rarely buy maxi dress (or skirt) because as I’m small I have to wear heels so I don’t look like a « bag » …
And I must admit that aside for parties I nearly never wear them (does creepers counts?)
Well now it won’t be true anymore, I found these little wonderful things on Schuh and I’m G-L-A-D !
The heels are high but flat which means it’s really easy to walk, really comfortable and light ! Perfect.
So you can imagine that now I’m not taking them off…
Here I’m wearing them with a Asos mint jumper, I didn’t have that color : now I do !
It’s mainly the collar who made me fell in love, I love when it sparkles !
If you like them know that with the code HEYDICKFACE you’ll get a 15% discount on Schuh !
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