pull wildfox

wildfox stars jumper

An outfit is great but an outfit challenge is better ! I’ve been dared to wear these nice jeans by the 1 piece 10 styles team !
But not any jeans ! This one is a « push up » and comes from Salsa a portuguese brand specialized in morpho jeans.
I have wore it with my very soft Wildfox jumper and holographic sandals from Ark.

wildfox star outfit
holographic ark sandals
wildfox jumper
odelie chan earings
salsa push up jeans
holographic sandals

Wildfox jumper, Salsa jeans, Ark sandals and Odélie Chan earrings.

Find all the outfits, from Aurélie, Chloé, Elza, Julie, Justine, Laure, Marine, Slanelle and Victoria.

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