Bijoux Tatty Devine

At least the heat is gone, it’s starting to be cold so I’m happy to wear jumpers !
Do you know the jewelry Tatty Devine ? It’s a english band really original that I love.
And with the code DICKFACE20 you’ll have a 20% discount !

They also do name necklaces, here Dickface in golden mirror !
Patrick offered me the cat ring so to keep it company I have the cat bangle to go with…

Recently I discovered the brand Caution, all the way from London.

The designer makes everything herself, she started customizing her clothes

and as people around her liked it a lot she decided to make her passion her job !
Here flatforms converses, if you must know other pairs will be available soon and
if you’re interested she also do customs orders, perfect right ?
With her website there is her Facebook and Tumblr
♡ Ladurée with the lovely Kerol D. ♡

As I’m a Lady Gaga fan I had to go smell her perfume Fame that have been released.
Even if you’re not a fan, you’ll have to admit that the scent is amazing.Soft, floral, fruity with a honey touch and black !

Don’t worry it becomes transparent at air’s touch and a little plus it’s unisex.


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