I could have name this post « Two leggings, two looks » but no.
I forgot to show you my new manicure from So Nails, do you like it ?
My « smoke » leggings from Topshop, it changes from the galaxy ones that we often see !
Furby on her throne who stakes out what’s going on…
My Asos top is quite old but still fashionable haha !
This leggings is from H&M and if you’re interested it also exists as a pants or dress !
Thursday thanks to Flavor I won 2 tickets for friday at Rock en Seine !
I was thrilled because I wanted to see Grimes but we missed the beginning :'(
We did the Ferris wheel where the sight is amazing we saw everything 🙂
We stayed at the Coca Cola stand where Patrick won a tshirt and drinks !
They took a picture of my arm but it failed because we can’t see anything haha.
And at last we saw Miike Snow, we were in front of the scene, it was perfect !

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