A few new stuff added to my closet/bathroom/living room/jewelry box… etc 🙂

flamingo earringsSome cute Odelie Chan earrings.
rue jacob gainsbourg t-shirtA Rue Jacob t-shirt of Gainsbourg.

gel merci handySome hand sanitizer by Merci Handy who smell so good !
necklace helmut marbreA new Helmut necklace, once again transparent but with marble effect.

pull eleven paris haha dieA Eleven Paris sweater from the new collection that will be available around September 2014, this collection is going to be terrible !
my jolie candleMy jolie candle, in every candle when it consume itself you will find some jewelry : necklace, ring or bracelet (to choose) !

simpson primark jupe tropicaleA top and skirt from Primark, they both go well together right ? 🙂
casetagram A Gordon Ramsay iphone case made on Casetagram. #hellskitchenfan

sweater wildfox pastelA cute and really soft jumper from Wildfox.

headband floral jolie têteA new floral crown, from Jolie Tête. #mermaidstyle
ring adi creationsA ring from Adi Création which goes well with my watch!

necklace cloud hop hop hopA could necklace from Hop Hop Hop!
pink bag pastelA pink bag from New Look bought from Venus is Naive!

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