Hello everybody !

And welcome welcome on Lazy Kat ! New outfit for a new life !
With as always a new logo, by the talented Ambre Clavel ! Meow !

There is also a new « about » on the left to introduce myself to the new readers :happy: Hey you !
More pink, bigger pictures, along with the category there is the localisation of the post, emojis in the comments :scared: (guess who I am!).
To win time, when it’s available, there is a banner with the outfit I’m wearing in the post on the front page :dress:
A new wishlist page to replace the little shopping selection that was before in the sidebar and a new city guide : after Paris, there is London !

The search bar is now in the menu (by the way it’s a new menu) and at the bottom you can find mu Instagram.
Without forgetting all the icons of the others social medias in the menu, if you’re looking for me you know where to find me 😉
A little arrow to go back on top of the page faster, located on the right when you scroll down.
You’ll also find the FAQ and the page with the drawings that were made for me/the blog that you send me are now assembled here !
On the tech side, big update on the responsive presentation for a better use on mobile and tablet. :100:

I hope you’ll like this new design, you can applause my Patrick who as always do wonders, thank you again :truelove:

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback and let us know if you find any bugs :tongue:

XOXO ! :kiss:

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