You might have seen on the social networks a few pictures from a Netflix party last week.

Indeed, I had the huge privilege to be invited with Camille and Patrick to a private Netflix
party with the cast of Orange Is The New Black and Sense8 to promote the new season and new tv show.

I went crazy when I received the invitation and even on the night I couldn’t believe it !
So here’s a few pictures of the night, it was really nice on a rooftop with a great view of Paris and the actresses were all very nice and easy to speak to ! I think the friendliest one was Laverne Cox who tried to speak french and when I told her she was flawless she sang Beyoncé ! ♡

The amazing Daryl Hannah who act in the new tv show Sense8, I absolutely advice you to watch it it’s so great! #BingeWatch

Little anecdote, when I took the selfie she said « ohhhh your hair! you look like a fairy!! » ♡♡♡

Meeting with Laverne Cox aka Sophia Burset in Orange Is The New Black.

Meeting with the beautiful Laura Prepon aka Alex Vause in OITNB.

Meeting with the beautiful Taylor Schilling aka Piper Chapman in OITNB.

And to finish meetin with the kind Uzo Aduba aka Suzanne Warren aka Crazy Eyes in OITNB.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to Caroline and Claire to for the invitation to the party, it was a little dream becoming true and I will never forget it ♡

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