Air Force 1 low blanche

big pink floral crown rose tattoo

Another outfit shot in the apartment like I was saying in the previous post.
The sunday look : large t-shirt, a pair of « mom jeans« , some Air Force 1 and my lovely Heleena floral crown.
After these two looks with Earl, I will have to do some with Furby or she will grumble !

chanel tshirt vintage

hearts nails nailpolish pink

big pink floral crown

look outfit mom jeans floral crown

cat chat exotic shorthair dickface

selfie iphone 5s chanel tshirt

big pink floral crown

air force 1 white low tattoo exotic shorthair

Heleena floral crown, vintage t-shirt, Urban Outfitters mom jeans, Nike Air Force 1Etsy nailpolish and Hair Glam hair extensions.

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