Test des patch marbella

Not long ago I was invited by Marbella to try their eyeliner patches on the last floor of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.
Being a fan of thick lines on the eyelids as you know, I was very enthusiastic, curious and I wasn’t disappointed…

marbella galeries lafayette haussmann

It really simple and easy to put on. You just have to cut a little bit the patch (it’s not mandatory) for the eye corner, then put it on the eyelid, no need to glue or anything, it’s as simple as that.Hypoallergenic, reajustable and most of all reusable, all the jewelry (or patches) are made out of noble materials like Swarovski crystal, Calais lace, small glitter, gold powder (24K) or gemstones (tailor-made).

The result is really amazing, the patch isn’t even noticeable, It’s like I am wearing real eyeliner and you can’t feel in comparison to fake eylashes for example. What else ? I really recommend those eyeliner patches if you are not really skilled when you apply eyeliner or just for a party there are a few types and shapes for everyones taste. These patches are available on their e-shop or at the Galeries Lafayette starting at 25€.

Funny story : I fell asleep with the patches and I was really surprised the next morning, nothing moved, everything was still perfect. I courted disaster, I kept them all day long and again without anyone noticing them except the compliments on my make up !

patchs eyeliner marbella

patchs eyeliner marbella

pose patchs eyeliner marbella
patchs eyeliner marbella
resulat patchs eyeliner marbella

résultat patchs eyeliner marbella

resultat patchs eyeliner marbella

(Thanks Raphaelle for the pictures)
What about you, have you ever tried this kind of eyeliner patches, what do you think ? 🙂

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