Dr Martens tapisserie

I became blonde again ! At least ! I didn’t like my brown hair anymore, I felt like it wasn’t « me » !
I also cut again my hair because every bleach damage inevitably your hair so 
to prevent the breaking I’m back with the bob for now… :o)
In my search for « nude » clothing I wanted at all costs a sweater and I found this one at New Look.

Still in the nude I felt in love with this Swan shirt, it was in sale on Asos ! (A good excuse right?)

The notorious « Riding pants » from American Apparel, I hesitated for a longtime and I felt for it.
It is very high waisted and very comfortable, I regret nothing !

So I had to wear my little horses socks !  

Surprise gift from Patrick, some pretty Dr.Martens in tapestry style. Thanks love ! 

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