Veste cuir et combi carrousel rouge

Some Earl Grey and some pretty cat head dish (pink of course) for Furby and Earl !
A Oh My Love total look, a London brand that I discovered recently ! ♡
A cute clothing selection at small price, I like like like it !
I have a case of love at first sight for this playsuit with some carousel horses ! To see the Lookbook it’s here !

Use the code HEYDICKFACE and you’ll get a 20% discount

Yesterday I went to a Dawanda event where Valentine and Margot hosted two DIY workshop !
So Valentine taught me how to do some brazilian bracelets but as I’m not very good at it it took me time to do one and I couldn’t do Margot‘s workshop, which did a bandage customization ! Damn !

Have you heard about the iced bio herbal tea In Fusion ?
With a nice taste of fruits and plants and with no added sugar mmh that’s yummy !

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