Let’s get back to good habits, here’s my first 2016 haul (in french) with my latest finds between Paris and Londres ! :france: :uk:

Clothes shown are :
♡Bag Skinnydip London « Krusty ».
♡T-shirt Lazy Oaf.
♡Slippers, pajama My Little Pony, rose gold hangers Primark.
♡Unicorns and dinosaurs socks Topshop.
♡Underwear My Little Pony pixels Topshop.
♡T-shirt embroidered unicorns The Ragged Priest.
♡Jean « girlfriend » Topshop.
♡Shirt with collar Monki.
♡T-shirt Krusty burger Primark.
♡iPhone case chocolate peanut Skinnydip London.

I’m wearing a Lazy Oaf sweater and my makeup has been done by Sarah. ♡

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