too faced sweet peach

too faced sweet peach

After its big success, the palette Sweet Peach by Too Faced is back for our pleasure :peach: :heart: but most of all the collection is now bigger !

There is now a new palette “Glow” with a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer along with a blush “Papa Don’t Peach” without forgetting the lip oils that I can’t wait to try !

The brand is sold exclusively at Sephora / Brushes by Spectrum Collections 🦄

too faced sweet peach
too faced sweet peach

The new products, of course smell like peaches (and are infused with) and their colors just like the palette are inspired by the fruit too :peach: :truelove:
And od course, the packagings are more and more adorable, the blush “Papa Don’t Peach” is just too cute to eat ! :superhappy:

too faced sweet peach
too faced sweet peach

The palette “Glow” is my favorite, I shine bright like a diamond with it haha, and the little peaches on it are just so cute, I truly hesitated before using it :angel:

too faced sweet peach

And to finish, little side note : I finally have my lipstick “Unicorn Tears” which was sold out before ! It’s holographic (and not blue as we could have believed watching the picture) and just perfect, you can wear it “au natural” or on another color, I’m crazy about it !

unicorn tears too faced
too faced unicorn tears

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2 thoughts on “🍑 Too Faced’s Sweet Peach collection 🍑

  • Salut Katia !

    Je ne suis pas particulièrement fan de cette collection pêche, mais le rouge à lèvres Unicorn Tears a l’air canon ! Tes photos le sont aussi, d’ailleurs !

    Bonne soirée,


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