New lipstick and a little cigarette case, so cute.
My beautiful Moschino vintage T-shirt, little treasure found at Anet Vintage Club
where you can find a lot of cool clothes at little prices ! Youhou !

A few pictures from saturday at the Galeries Lafayette catwalk.
There was a lot of people, and I could see everything !
I wasn’t just jury member, i also paraded with Romain. (Thanks Sarah for the pictures!)
Picture taken with Arnaud’s Fisheye (Nez Gros), I’m looking like Willy Wonka, don’t I? haha
I didn’t take a lot of pictures, too busy, sorry 🙁
But there were photographers all day long, if i get some pictures
i will post them here and on my tumblr 🙂
Little video by Morgane at the catwalk :

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