Katia cheveux roses barbe a papa

As i announced yesterday on my tumblr I made a new pink hair dying.
I decided to make a post about how to do it
and answering all your questions (if you have some) about this kind of hair color…
Usually i used Lariché’s Pastel Pink, i loved it, when faded it turned coral.
But when i wanted to change for a real pink, like cotton candy.
Therefor I bought Carnation Pink from the same company,
a beautiful but really flashy pink, I think Jeffrey Star uses this one.
I diluted it to get a really light color (you have to know all colors can be mixed together) with conditioner : two tea spoons of pink and 4 of conditioner or more.
I left it 10 minutes on instead of 15 normally and there’s the result !
If you have any questions don’t hesitate, i’ll answer them !
(on this picture they look darker, i don’t know why, but my hair color is like the first picture)

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