Creepers rose léopard

I look like Darth Vader with my cape and I like it.

Having short blond hair and wearing a wig makes me feel closer to Lady Gaga ♡
The Grazia of this week where you can see me with the other winners!
The picture of me made me laugh but at least it’s me !
I don’t know who are the other winners who will also go to Paris, I can’t wait to meet them!
My birthday at home with Nawal, little cakes, champagne and vodka to start the evening…
…and to celebrate it all night long !

♡ Pink Birthday Presents ♡ I love so much those shoes, thanks to my Lover ♡
I’m going to Paris on tuesday morning all paid by Grazia for the shooting!
I will have a nice hotel for the two days, it’s going to be awesome!
And they were very nice so I picked the date of my return!
I’m going to stay the whole week in Paris at my friend’s Mona
And finally my roots have won and I went back to the hairdresser.
Only now I don’t need a bleach but only a hair color!
I’m glad, they are lighter and with my haircut it’s so cute !
And for the next time, they won’t be damaged by the bleaching, yeah!

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