Last spring, I introduced you
Au printemps dernier, je vous présentais the Wella Instamatic dyes and tried for the first time blue hair :dolphin: it was a revelation for me I loved having this hair as much as pink hair and I kept blue hair for the summer with another dye (Manic Panic – Bad Boy Blue if you’re curious) then two tones hair while waiting for my new appointment at Wella for a new blue…

In deed with Louisa, queen of hair colors when I came the first time we already plan what to do next, a hair color more fun : dark blue to light blue, I couldn’t wait anymore and I’m more than happy with the result :whale:

Louisa if you’re reading this, again thank you so much i love this color and thank you to my Sarah who came with me and took a few pictures :cameraflash:

Rdv au prochain article pour le look du jour avec cette superbe chemise Bisounours :doubleheart:

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