Vest en jean coeur sur le dos

I apologies for the lack of updates lately but as you know my little cat left us last week, so I wasn’t in the mood for pictures…
For those who don’t know and want to know, she didn’t come home one night, so we went looking for her non stop and finally found her in the neighbor’s garden lifeless…
We don’t really know why because she didn’t have blood stains, no wounds or poison only the neck was broken which is strange but it is what it is unfortunately 🙁
So I want to thank everyone who sent me nice messages and who have shared her picture for helping us to find her, it’s really nice and it means a lot to me ♡
We had her cremated and I found this cute little teapot as a funeral urn,
I think it’s better it’s prettier, it suits us and she will always be here by my side.
I aslo removed my hair extensions who started to be damaged with knots so I took advantage of it to dye again my hair pink, a little bit of cheerfulness doesn’t hurt !
pink hair pink hair
Well ok at first I mixed orange with pink to obtain a coral color
and it turned fluo pink but it isn’t bad, it’s very pretty.
And they already have washed out and became pastel, a real mermaid I tell you !
And to finish, Patrick and I are going back to Paris and this time for maybe more than 6 month.
If everything goes well we should move in a few days, a little change of air and everything is really what I needed, like a new life after all this sadness.

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