Have you heard about the Sephora « second skin » masks ? I discovered them during a « Korean Party » and loved them immediately !
They are masks in a very thin material, like a second skin, which in 15 minutes nourishes the skin, makes it better etc depending on which action you chose from the formula available. Every ingredient (by mask then) answer to a specific skin problem.

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The rose face mask : Deep moisture and brightening :rose:
It moisturize intensely the skin and gives it some immediate brighting. The skin is radiant.
You can use it once a week or if you’re like me when you think about it 😳

Next Halloween costume ? :alien:

Playsuit from Boohoo

The avocado hand gloves : Nourishing & Repairing :strong:
A pair of non-drip, coated gloves that will take care of your hands, it’s amazing.
Same as the face mask, you use it 2 or 3 times a week or when you need it (or think about it!).

The Shea lip mask : Protecting & Repairing :lips:
Just like the face masks or gloves, you use it during 15 minutes to take care of you lips and contour.
The results are here but I have to admit that I was a bit scared to swallow some products or that maybe I didn’t put it like it was supposed to ? :shy:
Just like the two others, you use it when you need it or think about it :superhappy:

I haven’t tried yet the other ones for the eyes, nose and foot but I will :angel:
It has to be said that the price is really attractive, small price but big results :good:

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