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revue produits sampar

A while ago Sampar sent me some products (for my skin type of course) to test them, I only knew the brand by name but accepted with great pleasure.
Here is a small presentation of the products I received, tested and approved!
As a bonus, Angeline from the lovely blog Carnet Prune gives you her wise beauty blogger opinion!

revue produits sampar creme source jour

So Much To Dew Day Cream : a moisturizer for all skin types that keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours, it also protects against UV light. As soon as I apply it I have very soft skin, I also feel that since I use it my complexion is better, it’s like I am radiant! She has since replaced my old cream.

Angéline’s opinion : This cream is perfect for mixed skin! It will moisturize without leaving a greasy film and its smooth texture will appeal to dry skin. Only downside of this cream: the composition has some silicones.

revue produits sampar stylo absolu pureté

Prodigal Pen : an anti imperfections roll-on, ideal for mixed and oily skin, it eliminates imperfections.
It must be applied several times a day over minor imperfections for a good result, my friend Camille uses it and she loves it.

Angéline’s opinion : This pen is perfect in case of unwanted appearances! Obviously, as Katia said, it must be applied often and good thing is that it dries very quickly, make-up adjusting becomes possible !

revue produits sampar masque source nuit

So Much To Dew Midnight Mask : a hydrating and replenishing mask for all skin types. From the first application (At night) you can feel the difference, the skin is replenished, soft and smooth in the morning. It’s advantage is its small integrated brush for the application. She has also replaced my old night cream.

Angéline’s opinion : This mask is ideal for dehydrated skins ! During the night it will replenish the skin and give it some kick ! Just think to clean the brush to avoid small bacteria settling in.

revue produits sampar masque gomme nuit

Nocturnal Rescue Mask : an anti-imperfection night mask which accelerates its natural regenerative processes. In result the skin is mattified, the pores tightened and the redness eliminated. I mainly use it when i forgot to take the makeup of the evening before, to take care of my skin.
Angéline’s opinion : This mask is a treasure ! On the evening, apply it on the imperfections and it will allow to make them disappear but most of all erases scares. A perfect remedy if you don’t have a sensitive skin.

revue produits sampar glamour shot mat perfection

Glamour Shot Matte Perfection : a mattifying concealer, mainly for shiny skin, I use it because I like to have a matte complection (I am afraid to have shiny skin!). The skin is mattified during 6 hours, it balances the sebum secretions to reduce the shininess on the long-term.
You can see the result from the first use (before putting on makeup or alone for a natural complexion) and you can even use it for corrections during the day.ée.

Angéline’s opinion : an essential for shiny skins ! You can use it like a makeup base on the T-zone and it regulates shininess during the day. It’s also perfect for small last-minute corrections !

revue produits sampar

What about you, do you like Sampar ? What do you think about it? Do you have a favorite product ?
Tell me everything ! 🙂

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