Extensions Franck Provost

You know that I am a big fan of hair extensions : clips, keratine, weaved or cold I tested everything !
It’s with pleasure that I tried these Franck Provost Hair extension kits
when Ykone offered the opportunity. They are sold in supermarket and are affordable for anyone.
Thanks to Elodie for filming me and kisses to Léo who listened to me in the back of the vidéo !
I can reassure you, I am not blond again, these pictures have been taken a couple of weeks ago,
I just couldn’t publish them before the official unveiling of the hair extension kits 🙂
My girlfriend Margot tested them also with her ombré hair, you should check it out, it’s really nice !

There are tutorials online to make a fishtail braid or just a long pony tail for example.
I will have to practice because I am not that good yet !

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