earl nouveau blog

Hello everybody and welcome to the new blog’s version !
earl nouveau blog

Some of you saw it coming, this maintenance wasn’t innocent… we changed everything (I say « we » but in fact it’s mostly Patrick! hehe)
The blog was « hosted » on Blogger and as you know it’s not really really good, so here we are on WordPress !
For you it doesn’t really change anything, but for me who writes posts it changes my life.

Anyhoo, let’s move on to the most important : the new blog features !
Except the design as you can see, we also added a few things like a search bar, the number of pages to access more easily to the old posts,
similar suggested posts at the end of the articles, categories « Outfits, Beauty and Lifestyle » for the posts while maintaining the tags,
a Paris Address Ideas page, a slider to show the new posts, a new header with the amazing drawing by Ambre Clavel,
the size of the blog also adapt itself to your device : computer, tablet or smartphone and of course the english version is now separated,
you now have the choice : read me in french or en english ! 🙂

I hope you will like this version, if you have any suggestions do not hesitate to leave me a little comment under this post 🙂
Likewise if you encounter a small bug, do not hesitate to notify us, it’s possible that we missed some things !

Ps : There is a little contest on my Facebook page right now…

nouveau blog earl

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