Sac a dos pastel lavande

A few new stuff added to my closet that you’ll see soon in my looks !
The Bracelet du Chat‘s Christmas box set : a bracelet, a necklace and a cuff !
If you like this lovely box set there is the DICKFACEXMAS10 promo code that’ll give you 10% off when you buy for 45€.

bracelet du chat box

The iconic sailor top by Jean Paul Gaultier
marinière jean paul gaultier

Some metal sunglasses from ChicWish 

metal glasses

A very soft pastel sweater from ChicWish too.

fluffy sweater

A pastel backpack once again from ChicWish.

lilac backpack

Some buckle boots from ChicWish (as you will have realized I ordered a lot!)


Again some boots, this time from PersunMall.


And to finish a cardigan from Urban Outfitters. (You can see it worn on this Instagram)


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