manic panic

manic panic

It’s been a long time since I didn’t do a beauty post about hair and most of all about unicorn hair :unicorn: (or mermaid depending on your point of view :dolphin: ) so here we go with the test and review of the Manic Panic hair dyes. :rainbow:

I used to use Bleach or Lariché Directions but now I prefer Manic Panic, first of all the bottle is bitter (4oz) and most of all the colors are more pigmented and stay really longer compared to the others. In addition they are vegan and cruelty free and that is really nice. :pray:
I made two blog post about the colors I tried, the 2nd one will be up soon. 😉

manic panic

:blueheart: BAD BOY BLUE :blueheart:
Let’s start with the first color I tried : Bad Boy Blue !
I hesitated a bit because there’s so many colors and a few blue ones but I made the right decision as for me it’s perfect : not too pastel, not too dark, not too bright, when it fades it becomes a bit turquoise and it’s really pretty. In addition it’s really pigmented, it’s one of the colors that I keep for the longest time without touching it. :blueheart:

bad boy blue manic panic
bad boy blue  manic panic
manic panic bad boy blue

:blingheart: COTTON CANDY PINK :blingheart:
Let’s keep going with the second color I tried, of course it was pastel pink : Cotton Candy Pink !
For this one no hesitation, it’s the perfect pastel pink. It stays a bit longer compared to the other brands but unfortunately when it’s pastel it fades a bit quicker. And when this one fades it becomes a bit coral and then leave so you get back your blond hair as you can see on the 3rd picture below.

manic panic cotton candy pink
cotton candy pink
manic panic cotton candy pink

:purpleheart: MYSTIC HEATHER :purpleheart:
And to finish this first one it’s with one that became one of my favorites now : Mystic Heather !
Before it when I wanted to dye my hair purple I would mix some blue and pink to have a lavender color, a purple color that would be also a bit pink. Then I discovered Mystic Heather and it was a revelation ! I immediately loved it, the color is so pretty and when it fades it becomes grey/silver it’s so pretty, 2 colors 1 bottle ! I think when I don’t have any blue hair anymore I will do all my hair with it. Just like pink, purple is one of the colors that fades quicker, this one will stay longer than the pink one but less longer than the blue !

manic panic mystic heather
manic panic mystic heather

manic panic mystic heather

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