Vitrine pour les Galeries Lafayette

Like I said in my previous post,
i made a window for the Galeries Lafayette to show my vision of fashion

I had free reign over the project, I chose three models, with three different styles : rock, pop and vintage.
These are my everyday looks, my clothes, my accessories and my shoes !
I also made a litte makeup selection that you can find at the Galeries Lafayette.
This window is at rue Hoche, just beside the perfumery entrance.

At the beginning i wanted to make a little photo report to show you how my day went
but a reeder suggested to make a video and I thought it was a much better idea !
Have a good film !
And do not forget to come to the catwalk on the 17th of september, the registrations are not over and we still accept appliances !

You can also watch a little « interview » made by Morgane (Cahier de Tendances) about my window on her website.
(Warning, do not take it seriously and please do not comment my ugly and sweaty hair ^^)


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