London, my favorite city ! My dream is to live there one day !
I love going there just for a few hours or a weekend. And last weekend I went for a day, shopping, strolls and hairdresser 🙂

It’s really practical to take the Eurostar and being there in two hours from Paris, a return trip in one day is really nice and it makes you save money as you don’t stay at a hotel. Also you are directly in London in comparaison with the plane where you have to take a bus for example, you loose time and money ! Moreover if you buy your tickets in advance the prices are really interesting with Eurostar!
I’m already looking for going back next year….

So we left early and went back late! It was a lovely day, here’s a few pictures !
What about you, what’s your favorite city ? do you often use Eurostar to go to London ? 🙂
I’m working on a London adresses ideas like the Paris one that you can read here.

eurostar premiere classe

In first class they serve you breakfast ! It was the first time that I was in first, it was so cool!
If you have the occasion one day to be in first too I can only recommend it, seats are bigger and comfier, there is plugs sockets at every seats, and you have food !

london underground
london underground

As we arrived early we started with Oxford Street, Primark and Topshop were almost empty, the dream !
Drooling every time in front of the cupcakes in Topshop…

After the early shopping I went to Bleach to get rid of my roots, I’m going to do a special post about it if you’re interested 🙂

Outfit of the day : Topshop coat (old), New Look shirt (old), Paul & Joe Sister culottes and Nike Air Force 1.

Christmas decorations in Carnaby Street ! The city is so pretty with all the lights!

When I was saying that drooled in front of the cupcakes on the morning… I gave in the evening ^^

Let’s go to Hogwarts!!!

platform 9 3/4 harry potter londres

Geek time in the train station before going back, there is a bare with plugs (french and english ones) just in front of the Café Nero !
The Eurostar celebrated its 20 years this year ! Happy Birthday and thank you for being here haha 😛

Like the morning, we had dinner going back to Paris 🙂

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2 thoughts on “London for a day

  • oh, Im envious! I would love to be two hours away from Paris or London, they are two of my top cities I want to live in!

    This looks like so much fun, your hair looks beautiful!

    <3 <3 <3

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