Rouge à lèvre Lime Crime
Many of you asked me what’s my red lipstick (especially on Instagram),
and my opinion on the Velvetines that I finally tried. So here’s a little review of my 5 beloved red ones…
lime crime lipsticks

lipstick glamour 101

Glamour 101A retro red, a bit dark and slightly shiny.

It lasts really well like all Lime Crime lipsticks.wearing lime crime glamour 101

lipstick ruby woo

Ruby Woo (MAC)

It’s matte, a bright red and also lasts for a very long time.
It’s the red that I wear most of the time.
wearing ruby woo maclime crime velvetines

velvetines red velvet

Red Velvet

It’s a Velvetines, it’s liquid, almost like a gloss except that it becomes matte.
Compared to Ruby Woo it’s more matte, if I put my finger on it, it doesn’t go off, I’m blown away.
I think it’s my new favorite red.wearing lime crime red velvet velvetines

velvetines suedeberry


Like the Red Velvet it’s a Velvetines, so it has the same properties.
It’s lighter and brighter.
wearing lime crime suedeberry velvetines

carousel gloss candy apple

Candy Apple

It’s a gloss, very red and very bright thanks to his micro glitter.
It’s like the perfect red, I like to wear it on top of Ruby Woo.
wearing lime crime candy apple gloss

In conclusion all of theses red stay very well all day long, no need to add more (except if you eat of course).
Special mention to the Velvetines that stays even when I used the make-up remover (!!!).

lime crime lipsticks

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