lime crime black velvet

After my review of the red lipsticks and velevetines by Lime Crime, the Pink Velvet one here’s a new one about their new collection « The Clueless Witch » !

As you can see in the video : these glosses becomes mat and they stay = it’s the dream if like me you like when it’s matte.
I repeat myself but it’s really crazy how much the color stays, you can eat, drink, kiss who you want : it’s still here !

This collection has three colors : the black one « Black Velvet », the brown-chocolate « Salem » and the red-burgundy « Wicked ».
Just like Pink Velvet and Red Velvet, this colors are very intense and perfect, I only wear them theses days !

lime crime black velvet

Black Velvet : a black blacker than black, very opaque like its lipstick version Styletto but in matte.
I admit it, it’s not easy to wear, but with the right outfit or for a party it always have a nice effect !


Salem : a chocolate brown, it’s the only lipstick i have in these tones I was afraid it would not suit me but I was happily surprised, its color is really beautiful and goes very well with beiges or light colors.
It might be easier to wear in winter than summer.


Wicked : a burgundy red, it looks a bit like Glamour101 but darker and in matte.
It might be my favorite from this collection, it’s really beautiful and it change from the everyday red.

And what about you, what’s you favorite velvetine ? 🙂

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