Katia et Diane Tattoo

Little video from my tattoo session from thursday,
this time I went to Kahuna and my friend Cyril tattooed me 🙂

I have often been asked if my tattoos have a special meaning and I would say they don’t really have, it’s most of all esthetic. But this one is different, it means something for me, a little bit like people who tattoo pictures of their kids i made this one of Miss Bowie who his my little baby. It’s a little cheesy. It’s my little baby and I’m here mother (and Patrick his father) and I have an infinite love for this cat. She’s my life, she sleeps on my head, wakes me up n the morning by licking my face (with her rough tongue, it feels really nice), she stares at me when I pee, always cuddles, I talk a lot about her and i cry when I’m drunk because i miss her. All i want to say is that this time my tattoo has a meaning, it’s a declaration of love ! Even when she won’t be on this world anymore, she’ll always be with my until i’m leaving also.

Little story :

I fell in love with Jodie‘s tattoo who has also a portrait of her cats,

I asked her if it would bother her if i made a similar tattoo with modifications of course,…

She answered, that it won’t bother her at all, that these tattoos are seen everywhere (cat portraits) and that anyways i would do my cat and not hers obviously. She even gave me the name of the person who did her portraits if i wanted some help and also said « every cat deserves a tattoo » and I approve haha!

Saturday afternoon

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