Katia fourrure verte

The weather isn’t good, it’s cold, I can finally wear my green jacket and it makes me glad.
By the way if you’re interested, I saw a jacket quite similar here !

Furby & Furby

Vintage jacket that I bought at least two years ago for 2€ and I never wors it, I’m asking myself why? It’s perfect.
Always in the coats theme, I think that Asos collection is really good this year, what do you think? There is a really large choice of jackets, coats and furs! We’d be almost happy it’s cold!
I didn’t take a lot of pictures these last days because the weather wasn’t good so I didn’t go out much!
As you can see I went to the hairdresser to do a darker blonde, but as my hair were really light the color didn’t last long and they are already lighter than on theses pictures! I’ll post another ones soon I promise!
To finish a small video about Furby :

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