Bougie Popup avec Paulina Leonor
For Valentine’s day, Popup did a lovely collaboration with the illustrator Paulina Leonor.
This beautiful candle that smell like roses is maybe hiding a heart shaped 0,15 carat diamond…
Furby observes the candle while it’s melting to see if she can notice it.. let’s pray !
On the D day, I went to Hair Glam to remove my hair extensions to change my haircut a little bit.
(The advantage is that I can wear and remove them at will) (and since my haircut I’ve grow 8cm!)

I also did my 2nd hair lifting session, besides being soft and shiny, 

I realized that since all the treatments when I curl my hair the curls stays much better.

Patrick gifted me 7 red roses, I think in the floral language it means « I’m infatuated with you »

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