Furby chat persan

If I told you i walk Furby leash, are you going to say I’m crazy?
I bought her a pink cat harness and leash, it’s so cute I swear!
I also went to the hairdresser, at the beginning I just wanted to cut a little the ends and the fringe.
At the end I went for the same haircut as Mireille Mathieu. And I like it.
(Please excuse my idiot face, i look really simple minded but i find it funny)
A few strawberries, a little coco milk and some vanilla Chantilly cream.
Decorate it as you want and drink this delicious little smoothie! Yum!
To get back at my haircut, that I’m so proud of, I’m having a hard time making the brushing.
I’m absolutely not gifted with the hairbrush, please girls do you have some advice?
When my father saw my look, he said I looked like Iggy Pop.
I googled it but didn’t find this look, and i don’t understand why he would say that.
Anyhow, I like these trousers.
To finish with, I’m introducing my new instant film camera. The pictures can be found here!

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