BOucles d'oreille blanches et noires
Some new stuff added to my closet/shoeing/jewelry box/kitchen…
I don’t mess with coffee, I drink liters of it everyday thanks to my HUGE Urban Outfitters mug.
Again via Urban Outfitters, Juju’s heeled jelly shoes ! They also exist in black and pink
Matching the jelly shoes, transparent sunglasses from H&M, roll on summer !
Yummy pineapple earrings, from H&M too.
Some pretty bra vintage style again H&M, I hesitated to buy them and then I heard someone say
« Wtf are those grandma bras?! » so it immediately convinced me.
A tropical pants from the H&M (yes again!) Conscious collection
Some face masks and a floral crown… still from H&M
The Gambettes Box, to receive tights every month !
As I’m wearing skirt, shorts and dresses the most often this box is perfect for me right ?
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