Chat persan mouillé

My little Furby who turned 2 this week so we gave her a little bath = cute overload.
Lately I have bought a coffee machine so inevitably I had to buy a pretty coffee box.
So I drink my little coffe in my Coffee Slut mug and you can find a similar box here.

I’m often asked for one so I decided to make some business cards for my blog, do you like them ?
Small find at H&M : some neon earrings and « diamonds  » !

I hesitated for a long time and I felt for them : ‘Chloé-like’ boots from Office, more comfortable you can’t.

Even Furby likes them !

I removed my hair extensions but see for yourself the result (in french) :

As a Lana Del Rey fan I had to buy the dress she model for  H&M !

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