My second decoration blog post ! I’m sorry if I don’t post much in this category but our new home isn’t really finished, we don’t have all the furnitures and we still have some boxes ! But as soon as it’s ready I promise I will do more post with my finds :angel:
So here’s a little post with my latest objects :letter:

Some wooden cat shaped coasters , because cats ^^

A « hello » coat rack who I put in the lobby, but it’s mainly decorative I don’t really use it I have to admit ! :tongue:

My beloved pink Smeg, I wanted it for so long and now that I do I’m so happy. I have decorated it with loads of pretty things, mainly ice cream shaped or cute candies, like on the first picture with the blue ice cream lamp ! (I’m sorry for the quality pictures of some pics but in certains rooms I don’t have enough space for me to shoot so I did it with the iPhone !)

I also found this lovely Italian coffee maker, which is perfect on the shelfs I must admit ! As you can see we put them offset, it’s more fun right ?

And to finish the cute cat bowls, cat shaped and pink of course found a long time ago in a small shop. They perfectly matches the ground. By the way if you like it, it’s linoleum that we put without glue, the style is perfect with the Smeg it gives a retro style !

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