Furby et la glossy box
I love the box concept, although I only suscribed to the Kittybox !
That’s why I accepted to test the Glossybox from February and March…
February : nail polish, face cream, incenses, eyebrown/eylash care…
perfume, body foam, hair products and shower gel !
There are big and smaller samples, perfect to get an idea of the products.
I really love the body foam and the shower gel, they both smell so good mmmmmh!!!!
March : shampoo, deodorant, lip blush, foundation, perfume and a small travel book !
I love the Lanvin perfume, once I smelled it I wanted to buy it.
Or even the lip blush from Jelly Pong Pong, it’s a hydrating balm that raises the lips color !
I also tested another box : the ColorBox by Colored !
ColorGel  nailpolishes you can choose, a ColorLed lamp to dry them in 30secs and a Kit Remover !
Really easy to use (a help is included) and it’s done really quickly thanks to the lamp.
In the end I am really satisfied with these boxes, I really want an abo now 🙂
Do you get boxes? If so which and what do you think about it ?
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