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Do you know what Hair Chalk is ?
It is chalk for your hair, nothing more simple.
There exist under different brands and a lot of colors.
I don’t know if it’s common in France but it is in English-speaking countries ! I see them often on Tumblr.
I found mine on Urban Outfitters.

How does it work ? 
It’s really easy, you just have to color your hair with this little chalk. You apply it from top to bottom. You can do it yourself but it’s better with someone’s help, mainly for the back of your head where you can’t see/reach.
I used 1 Lulu chalk. I think that I could have used another one for my lenght. With one I have a bright pastel green color where you can style see some blond hairs as you can see on the pictures and with a second one the color would have been stronger and more intense. It’s great with one but it depends on your taste and the result you want to achieve.
I really like what I fit and it has this faded as if my hair color faded out from washing them !

cheveux verts

Practical question :
This chalk is not a hair coloration, it goes away when you wash your hair.
It doesn’t leave stains on clothes, my Tshirt is still white. I think that when it’s well applied, you can keep the color up to a couple of days until you wash your hair.
Like bar colorations, if you do not wear gloves, you’ll have it on your fingers, but once you wash them it goes away with cleat water !
I think this product is perfect to test a color out before you do it for real or for a special party.
You can use it on locks, the ends, as a ombre hair, the possibilities are endless !

Do I have to be blond to do it ?
I don’t think so because it’s not a color but chalk.
And the models on Urban Outfitters website are not all blond
and have colored locks with different chalks. I just think the color might vary depending on your hair color.

The only bad point is that it’s a little bit longueur than applying a regular hair color because you have to color them a long time, I was also under the impression that your hair rough once it’s applied but for this price I can’t complain !
If you have questions do not hesitate to ask them in the comments, I will answer them 🙂

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