wildfox tote bag

wildfox sunglasses kimono fleuri

Another kimono and another Eleven top for a new outfit !
This time, the kimono is floral, comes from Urban Outfitters and it matches my rose tattoo on the wrist.
The top is simpler than the previous time but I love its sheerness and the fact that you can knot it as you want to wear it large or not.

wildfox sunglasses kimono fleuri
tattoo rose
wildfox sunglasses kimono fleuri look
eleven paris lenon top
wildfox tote bag
new look slip on

After shooting this outfit, I had the chance to see the movie Palo Alto by Gia Coppola (Francis’s grand-daugher, Sofia’s niece). The movie is based on the James Franco’s book about adolescence and it’s really beautiful, I can only recommend it ! 🙂
Here’s a little picture of Gia after the screening, I was able to take one with her but I’m too ugly to show it to you ahah.

gia coppola

I was wearing an Urban Outfitters kimono, Eleven Paris top, American Apparel easy jean, Wildfox sunglasses and tote bag and some New Look slip-on.

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