rilakkuma pancakes

rilakkuma pancakes

Today a very cute recipe post : the Rilakkuma pancakes ! :bear:
Nothing complicated you’ll see, a few minutes and your pancakes will be SO kawaii :victory:

For the batter you need :
:silverware: 2 eggs :egg:
:silverware: 165g flour
:silverware: 330ml milk (soy for me)

For its face you need :
:silverware: a chocolate pen :chocolate:
:silverware: two blueberry
:silverware: a banana :banana:

rilakkuma pancakes

Put the ingredients for the batter in a blender and mix until it’s smooth. Let it rest a bit.
If the batter is too liquid, just add a bit of flour 😉
Use a pan with just a little bit of oil and put a bit of batter with a tablespoon and make a oval circle,
do the same for the ears but with a teaspoon, be careful the ears must be on the side of its head not on top!

Cook for about 3min on each side on a low heat.

Your Rilakkuma is ready, let’s “create” his face :nerd:
You got it, the blueberries are for his eyes, nothing complicated, put them on the pancake.
For his ears : cut two banana slice, cut the bottom and put them on the ears.
For his snout : put a slice of banana and with the chocolate pen do a dot on the middle, then delicately do two little lines : one towards the left and one towards the right.
If you make a mistake don’t worry, just use another slice and do it again :flirt:

Here you go, your Rilakkuma pancake is ready ! Take a picture (and send it to me!) and eat it with your favorite syrup, for me it’s maple syrup :tongue:

rilakkuma pancakes
rilakkuma pancakes
rilakkuma pancakes
rilakkuma pancakes

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